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A Very Green Music Festival, With Action

Now here’s an event that needs some much needed attention. The first annual Rothbury Music Festival will be one of the biggest music festivals in the country, but also might be one of the greenest. They are making the claim that they will produce close to no waste! Recycling, compostables, carbon offsets, and clean energy. The “green tickets” will include carbon offsets, which is a new trend popping up in music festivals and many other events wishing to go green.
The festival, commenses on July 3-6, 2008 at Double JJ Ranch and Golf Resort in Rothebury, Michigan. It is expected to draw a crowd of around 40,000 people.

The festival’s goal is to provide “a sustainable music festival to celebrate music, art, and action.”
The Music, which will draw quite a crown, contains 70 bands and headlines big name bands like John Mayer, The Dave Mathews Band, Widespread Panic, 311, Snoop Dogg, and a slew of others from all types of genres.
The Action, will be a “think tank” which will “address the topic of finding Energy Independence.” The goal is to educate and empower people through open dialog, about the impact of their decisions and in business and their everyday lives. Presentations, discussions, workshops, film screening, and audience Q&A will provide the education they want to bring to the people.

Sure they’re enticing people with a great music and and a fun festival of art and music, but check out their website for full details about why this festival will make an impact. It is well thought out, is bringing a wealth of knowledge, and an approach to problem solving that people will see a lot more of in the future.