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Going Green in Alabama

Green is definitely starting to spread and there’s a good example of an event over in Alabama trying to get people to “go green.”

Here’s a blog article I found over at the Picket Fence Blog about the event, which the writer happily allowed me to re-post a part of:

“I would like to take the time to bring attention to the efforts of Karni R. Perez in conjunction with Auburn University School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences. Miss Perez represents The Louise Kreher Forest Ecology Preserve located in Auburn, Alabama. The preserve is over 110 pristine acres of atmospheric nature, providing the community with a wealth of discovery and natural wonder. You can click here to view their home page and pictures.

There is an event taking place there on Saturday, April 5 called GrOw GREEN. The event is designed to draw attention to the positive aspects of going green. Miss Perez and her associates are offing those who attend “a chance to better understand some current resource and environmental issues”. Not only will the attendees get a chance to “enjoy a day in the woods” but they will also be able to learn tips to meet the daily challenges of being Green Minded.”