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Sustainable Business Happy Hour in San Francisco, CA

Elixir Bar in San Francisco, CAI recently made it to my first “Sustainability Business Happy Hour” in San Francisco, CA. It is now a part of greendrinks.org, a green/environmental networking happy hour that has spread across the country. They cater to “NGOs, academia, government and business” for those interested or work in the environmental industry.

My impression before going was an informal get together with people lounging around at a table drinking beer or having a snack. The bar, Elixir, turned out to be your average corner bar with minimal seating besides the usual bar stools and a few small round tables. Elixir is a great venue for such an event. Although the building was not built green, they serve many organic beers and liquor from around the world. Yes I know, transporting them from all over is not very sustainable, but it ws nice to see such a wide selection and the market for such products.

The place was full, but I had no idea if everyone at the bar was there for the happy hour or whether some were just locals. Well, some were just locals! Luckily I knew someone going, so I quickly found him and started connecting with others. Now I’ve been to a lot of green events, but I would say this event brought out a few more younger people than I was used to. That or the young ones were the locals, who knows!

After awhile, the sponsors of that month’s event, The Green Zebra, brought party supplies and games because it was valentine’s day. It was a nice little ice breaker to get people chatting and having some fun. We played spin the bottle for prizes (kissing optional), broke a pinata (and almost broke the TV in the process), and passed around some chocolates and treats.

Owner of Elxir Saloon in San Francisco, CAThe owner of the bar (see picture) was super nice and a friend of the green industry. The bar was nice and it was overall a good experience. I prefer the business networking, but if I want to go have a beer on the 2nd Thursday of the month, I’ll certainly choose organic at the Sustainable Business Happy Hour!