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2008 World Environment Day

The 2008 World Environment Day was hosted in Wellington, New Zealand this year, and the North American version was hosted in Chicago. The Chicago Botanic Garden was chosen by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) .  Check out the website and information that was provided, as well as check out the offical explanation and links over at Wikipedia for the 2008 World Environment Day.

The day is much like Earth Day, but more focused on celebrating and drawing attention to the initiatives and resources which improve energy, conservation, and everything else that reduces carbon emissions.

We decided not to write much here, as we didn’t find any “good” posts about events happenning, but the above links provide so much information and very nicely laid out, so check them out!  If you know of any good posts, please send them in and we will publish them! Make sure they allow us linking to them, as many publications require you contact them first. We prefer links to blogs anyway, as we much rather promote grassroots, green organizations and people!