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350 Climate Change Event and Global Warming in Plain English

As a continuation of the last post about a political figure, a message was sent to globa political leaders by the organization 350.org, a group formed from StepItUp.org. 350.org event

What message? A message of change in environmental policy. As the world faces climate change as a global crisis, 350.org has presented a campaign to unite the world behind a simple number, 350. To garner attention to the growing carbon emissions causing global climate problems. I won’t bore you with the details, but 350 is the maximum parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere our earth can sustain at any given time. Today, we’re almost 40 parts per million above that limit. So 350.org has set out to join people together to show their support, and hopefully garner attention of world leaders to make changes in the world to address the problem.

The event itself brought thousands of people, a very large “350” spelled out by human bodies, and even political figures in support of global warming changes in politics. The event occurred all over the world in much the same way. See the 350.org website for all the details of the events around the world, as many of them were filmed and photographed.

That is the simple explanation of the event, but what does it mean to you?

As far as I see it, our society is split between believing whether or not climate change is actually a problem. Many scientists have come to the conclusion that is true and that humans are the cause. Unfortunately, that does nothing for the average citizen, which may have access to the information, but does not know or understand the data enough to make an informed decision. The global climate is an extremely complex system with many variables. The complexity makes it very difficult for anyone to know what is really happening in our atmosphere, even the experts. Therefore the average person either does not understanding the science or does not believe the scientists are correct. There are scientists on both sides of the coin making their conclusions, so it’s easy to make an argument either way.

350.org Event 2

So instead, I present you with a different viewpoint. Instead of focusing on the expansive topic of world climate, think for a minute on a small scale. If you take a small amount of water, such as a pond or stream, and you pollute it with toxins, it becomes undrinkable. On a larger scale, it works in exactly the same way. There is plenty of information and data confirming the pollution of our water supplies, leaving our planet with less than %10 of clean water resources remaining. That fact has been proven humans were the cause. So think about the same thing for the air we breathe. If we pollute the air with toxins in a small area, the air is no longer breathable. Again, enlarge the area (the atmosphere) and you will get the same result.

The simple fact of the matter, is the water and air are being polluted and killing many animals, including humans. I say forget about climate change and concentrate on something factual that everyone can understand. Add pollution and eventually you will become affected by it.

When everyone is focused on a belief of scientific data, there will be believers on both sides. But when you face the facts that are simple for everyone to understand, it is difficult to ignore.


Green Apple Festival Highlights

I know it’s been awhile since Earth Day, but I didn’t happen to run across this video until now. I don’t think I need to write a blog post for this, as the video is self explanatory.

See the video here

2008 Green Apple Festival

The 2008 Green Apple Festival is looking for non-profit organizations and Green businesses to apply for a booth space for the free Earth Day concerts across America. The concert is free, the booth spaces are not. The Green Apple Festival presented by Chase and the Earth Day Network will be happening on April 18-20th, 2008 will be a weekend of music and environmental awareness that will take place at eight different cities including New York City, Washington D.C., Chicago, Miami, Denver, Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. More info about the festival can be found at http://www.greenapplefestival.com. It should be an interesting event.


  • Is one of the largest Earth Day gatherings in U.S. history
  • Presents eight, simultaneous events at landmark parks across the country on April 20, 2008
  • Is located in parks, rather than concrete venues, chosen with eco-considerations such as easy foot/bike access and public transportation
  • Will “green” over 150 music venues over Earth Day Weekend in each Green Apple city
  • Is produced in partnership with Earth Day Network, founders of the original “Earth Day” in 1970
  • Kicks off a Green Schools pilot program in three Green Apple cities

More info about booth spaces here

This blog was reposted with permission from our good friends over at GenExe.com