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Weeds Taking Over At Harvest Festival 2009

Harvest Festival 2009 SebastopolThis past Saturday in Sebastopol, California, the 11th annual Harvest Festival brought information, politics, and music together in harmony. Well, not quite, but close. There are many Harvest Festivals across the United States around this time of year. They are held at a different time of the season, depending on the approximate time of harvesting crops in the area. The festivals are used to celebrate the time of harvest, as well as provide information about the harvest.

The festival in Sebastopol was a bit different than a typical Harvest Festival.  This time of year was harvesting time for medical Marijuana in northern California. The event centered around the use of medical Marijuana and legalizing Marijuana. It has always been a hot topic of debate, and this event proves that enough people are interested in seeing it legalized.

Whether you are for or against legalization or medical use, I suggest you attend an event like this to gather information from both sides of the argument. It may just make you think different about what you may hear from the news media or friends.

To get information similar to information presented at the event, try visiting www.westcoastleaf.com, a newspaper publication which attended the event.


Solfest 2008 Wrapup

Solfest 2008

Solfest 2008

Like mentioned in the last post, Solfest 2008 was just recentt. I travelled up using their carpool from spaceshare.com. I used SpaceShare last year too, both times with great results. Not only does it save money and pollution, but it allows some company on the long trip and get a good connection for someone to hang out with at the festival.

Anyway, the festival itself was great and I had a lot of fun. I was able to volunteer in exchange for admission and camping for the entire weekend. I was mainly focussed on workshops this year, since I had nothing to purchase and was there to learn and socialize. I attended 2 workshops based on structure and functions of eco-communities. I also attended one on EcoPreneuring (eco entrepreneuring), which I found to be quite refreshing. I’m an eco entrepreneur, but I find that the information available for entrepreneurs starting ventures for social good. Another workshop was about future economies and sustainability, which I also found refreshing. A lot of it is geared strictly for profits, and many entrepreneurs in society do not focus any effort towards sustainability and the planet. There were a lot of other great workshops throughout the weekend, but I found the event more about the connections and ideas presented.
The weather was a bit hot, but a gorgeous weekend nevertheless.

If you missed the event this year, mark your calendars for next year, you definitely need to check it out once. If you’re in another part of the country, they have an equivalent event in Wisconsin which is twice as big and run on wind power, and I have heard there are other smaller events like this one, scattered all over the world.

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Solfest, Powered by the Sun

It’s been a little while since the last post, but for good reason.   Lack of funding.  Being green is not such a great market to be in unless you’re selling green products, energy, or housing.  While the green economy is increasing, there is still little money to be made in the rest of the green industry.  Many green companies are non-profit and aren’t doing what they are to make a profit.  Those who are making a profit, are still not looking to reap in gobs of money to pay for their fancy lifestyles, which they don’t have.  Funding comes mostly from grants, because when the economy is in a lull, less people donate or put up funding for causes.  Other capital can be raised by Venture Capital, but a majority of them are looking for high profit companies to invest in, not some company trying to do something good for the environment and just be financially sustainable.  So this post is just to say that green is still struggling a bit, but we’re all still hopeful and chugging along, even if it’s slowly.   Envirovents has been on hold for a re-strategizing before official launch.  We think it will be for the better, as now we know what we’re in for.  We’ll be posting an event that we are hosting very soon. We hope that will be the catalyst for official launch.

Green events have also slumped a bit recently, mostly because events happen closer to Earth Day.  I do receive new event notifications quite often, but not very many are standing out right now. Solfest in Hopland, California is coming this weekend.  I’ll be there for sure because it’s one of the largest festivals of the year. I went last year and had a great time, learned a lot, and met some great people.  I highly recommend checking it out, or at least stopping by the Solar Living Institute at some time.  The facility is one of the best examples of sustainable living and showing how you can still have a luxurious facility without giving up anything at all.  The place looks like a resort, but everything has been carefully created through sustainable design and materials.  They even have small tablets which describe how they were designed and what they give to the land, people, and animals.  On top of that, their solar array is actually powering  the facility as well as nearby homes.  It is one of the largest arrays in northern California, with 10 Killowatts of solar and 3 Kilowatts of wind power.  Check out their website for more details.