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Free Yoga In The Park

Today I found a different type of environmental event to go to. Yoga in the park.  This wouldn’t normally be classified as an environmental event because it does not advocate anything about the environment. But, many green folks practice yoga because it is a way to connect with your body and your srroundings in a different way.

This particular session of yoga was a bit different than a typical one. Half way through, the instructor, Ariella, decided to throw in a “walking meditation” for everyone to let go of expectations and connect with your body. It was difficult to let go of what was going on around us because there was a lawn mower and a lot of school kids all around the park making lots of noise. Reconnecting with our bodies and the cool grass beneath our feet was a great way to let go of the distractions around us.

So while it wasn’t an environmental event, it can still provide us with insight about our living environment and a way to make peace with the world around us.

If you happen to be in the Albany area, make sure to head over to Free Yoga in the Park Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays at noon.